Boghe was born from a hunter leader in his village. He also grows into a child who is sociable and easy to get along with the people of his village. Boghe grew up following his father's footsteps to become a great hunter. One day he saw his family dead in the hands of a group of unknown monsters from where he came from. It made him devastated and very sad. In the midst of the chaos that caused a group of monsters, boghe decided to collect the hunter and patrol together. In the middle of his guard boghe saw someone fall from wisgr sky. He tried to find where the man fell and knew that he was a great commander in the shining crusader. Before the commander was killed, he was given a bracelet and a message. In a day he has become someone different from before. He will become an influential person in the Wisgr planet and what will happen next on this planet is now dashed on the road that he takes in the future.